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An Age of Frost and Shadow
The age of the empires of men is past, and few are left to mourn its passing.  A new age has dawned, bleak and hard, where survival is the greatest goal of every day.  It is an age of monsters, an age of tyranny and oppression.  It is an age of frost and shadow.

Introduction -

The sixth campaign to be set in the world of Theeurth finds the ancient world at the dusk of a civilized age and the shadowed dawn of a new dark age. The twilight struggles against barbarism (depicted in previous Theeurth campaigns) ultimately failed. Ancient evils have left the places of their ages-long slumber and come upon the world in full fury.

In the Successor States and across the north, wherever the mysterious god-emperor Hoarwinter has spread his cruel dominion, the land has gotten colder, with short summers and long, frigid winters. Famine, disease and slavery have taken a terrible toll on the once-vital nations now caught in Hoarwinter's icy grip.

In the south, from Luxur and Har'Akir to the Valesian City-States to the Accolon, the Shadowmasters of Marador are once more on the move, and lands that were once vibrant centers of commerce and learning are now slaves to the will of evil men and their alien soldiers.

Almost alone in a sea of barbarism and cruelty, the Conorrian Empire remains free for the moment, its borders much as they have been for two centuries. But the empire is hemmed about with enemies and has become an armed camp, suspicious of strangers and intolerant of dissent. The Emperor has dismissed the Senate and now rules as an unrestricted autocrat. He has the full support of the churches, particularly the Great Church, whose priesthoods have been devastated outside the Empire.

The Silent Land

Information and news once flowed freely, albeit slowly across the breadth of Vatheria on the lips of merchant caravans and in the correspondence of the learned. No longer. Little information flows between the shattered lands once united under the Conorrian Empire. Caravans no longer make the long treks across the plains or over the mountains, and travelers are few. News that once spread across the continent in months may now take years or decades.

This means that few know much about what happens beyond their daily world, and most of those few are agents of the dark forces which shattered civilization.

The Frozen North

The rule of Hoarwinter extends as far south as the Golden Sea, and as far east as the borders of the Carhallas Empire. Throughout that Empire of Frost, petty, monstrous warlords known as Archons rule over the remnants of once-great nations and pay fealty to their lord in his forbidding fortress at the top of the world.

But the Empire of Frost is held in a grip more secure than that of the Archons - the grip of frost itself.  In the twenty years since the Frostwar, the land has gotten much colder.  The already harsh northern winters are now fierce, threatening the survival of all living things.  The summers are short, and farmers barely have enough time for a single growing season.  Thus cold and starvation have killed tens of thousands, and the people grow more desperate every year.

Archons and Legates

In cities such as Tirgon and Sirion, life goes on, after a fashion.  The rule of the Archons is enforced with brutal efficiency by scores or hundreds of men-at-arms or orcish mercenaries.  Few dare to defy their despotic rule.  

The will of Hoarwinter the Ice King is enforced by a corps of fanatically-loyal servants known as Legates.  Most legates work directly at the behest of the local Archons, but some report directly Hoarwinter and are among the most feared creatures in all the lands of Theeurth.

Twilight of the Gods

The god-emperor Hoarwinter holds a peculiar hatred for the gods of the Great Church, and has banned their worship throughout his lands.  Worship of the gods of Woe is permitted, however and even actively encouraged.  In the years after the Frostwar, Hoarwinter's troops hunted down and slew every good priest and holy warrior they could find.  Such priests are very rare, now, and the holy warriors are merely legend. 


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