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All characters speak Low Conorrian, the lingua franca of Vatheria, either as a native tongue or as a second language. Listed here are other languages encountered the campaign and their frequency in games set in Tirgonia:

Characters who wish to speak a rare language must explain how they learned the language in their back story.  Learning a very rare language requires GM permission.  Dead languages can only be acquired through role-playing.

Language Spoken by Frequency in Game
Airnim Rhanalorian tribes Rare
Bekanai Bekanor horsemen Uncommon
Dhűnaz Dwarves Rare
Harkorian The Harkorian League Uncommon
High Conorrian The educated Rare
Infernal The Empire of Frost Uncommon
Maekran Orcs, goblins Uncommon
Quentas Elves Rare
Skane Skane Uncommon


Here is a partial listing of languages in the subcontinent of Medahros, the region where most Theeurth campaigns take place (Tirgonia is in Medahros):
Aelissia Aelissia, The Successor States
Airnim Rhanalor
Annvar Annvar
Ascar Ascarlon
Bekanai Rhanalor
Brythnian Brythnia
Carhal Carhallas
Corish Corland, The Successor States
Dhűnaz Dhűnazhar
Fakhar Thariyyan halflings
Harkorian Harkorian League
High Conorrian Conorrian Empire and former territories
Infernal The Empire of Frost
Iridian Dead Language
Kordok Tiringol halflings
Llyran Llyran Republic
Lorraine Lorraine, The Successor States
Maekran Maekras, the Edgemoor Mountain tribes
Nikitya Nikitya, Korodan dwarves
Pelend Pelendur
Quentas Celendor, Neldorea, the Whisper Wood
Skane Skaneholme
Ur-Vath Far Eastern Medahros



Here is a partial listing of languages in the subcontinent of Vales.
Ahuran Ahuran
Akir Har'akir
Avariel Marador elves, Sengkar elves
Burok Dorn Aurdrukar
Lekandi Lekandi elves, Ukele
Llyran Llyran Republic
Luxur Luxur sathla
Menrat Meneen (SE Vales)
Mykelean Mykele sathla
Nga Korodan sathla, Ukele
Numanthaur Dead Language
Reeka Drormt
Sendhalese Sendahl
Valesian Valesian City State, Accolon, Keferis
Vinhar Ukanve (SE Vales)
Weshtayo Weshtayo
Xhoka! Mekebele (SW Vales)
Zikuyu Zikuyu



Here is a partial listing of languages in the subcontinent of Vales.
Amantai Dragon's Reach
Jadhar Vaudan, Mainos
Kheren Kerendis, The Kolyut Isthmus
Kipyak Choran
Kolyut Kolyut Hegemony, Kolyut Isthmus
Mogod Dragon's Reach
Olera Tekume, The Sea of Frozen Stars
Shanat Shanatar, Farmuz, Sa'avend
Targaru The Targary Horde
Threnish Threns, Ruanach
Verif Hecadia, The Kolyut Isthmus



Here is a partial listing of languages in the subcontinent of Vales.
Ahum Western Changshai
Akagekku Akagekku elves
Azdaur Khűdukan Dwarves, Eastern Changshai
Gundu Virityal orcs, Rajahdan sathla
Haykuwese Wayahapta, Eastern Changshai
Kumiya Empire of the Pearl elves, Eastern Changshai
Luli Lulipayat sathla, Eastern Changshai
Northern Shen'xi Shen'xi, Eastern Changshai
Southern  Shen'xi Shen'xi, Eastern Changshai

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