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The Aldwood

Aldwood History
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Capital: none
The forest god
Updated Through: 2806

East of the Skane March and north of the Frostrim Mountains lies a vast and ancient forest known as the Aldwood. The forest is home to many creatures, natural and fantastic, and is perilous to man, orc or elf. Little is known about the deep interior of the Aldwood, since few have ever gone there and returned, and those that have returned refuse to speak of it. It is believed that the Aldwood is the home of an ancient forest god, never driven out by the Conorrians or Miletians. Both the Skane and the Rhanalorian tribes used to leave offerings in the eaves of the wood on certain holy nights, but few ever remained to witness the sacrifice’s acceptance.

The Skane consider the lightly-wooded moors east of the river Gundramming to be part of the old god’s domain, but they do not fear to hunt and fish there regularly, because of a pact made centuries ago between their people and the god. They also regularly log these moors for timber to build their ships and longhouses, but will never cut down a living tree in the forest proper. North of the Aldwood lies a broad tundra, home to the vicious Ice Trolls and vast herds of caribou and reindeer.

The emergence of the Empire of Frost has not changed the Aldwood.  The armies of Hoarwinter share the same strong fear of the ancient forest as their Skane slaves.  Hoarwinter itself has chosen to ignore this challenge to its supremacy in the North...for now.

There is a legend that Cerindalôme, the great elven hero, came to the Aldwood on a quest for a rare herb to heal the dying Queen Varomiel. There he met and wed a beautiful dryad princess, Nemueth. But the magic of Nemueth was such that no mortal could look upon her form without being entranced. When Cerindalôme awoke from his trance, a hundred years had gone by, and the Queen was long dead. He struck Nemueth in anger on realizing that he had failed, and she fled from him into the And now he wanders the Aldwood, singing songs of regret and loss, seeking for Nemueth in vain.


Varinghost (Temporary encampment; population 24,000) Once every three years, the tribes of Rhanalor hold a vast gathering under the eaves of the Aldwood. There, they invoke their ancient treaties, propitiate the Forest god, celebrate marriages and trade all manner of goods. Traders from Tirgonia, the Harkorian League, and even the Empire come here in caravans to trade for Rhanalorian horses and furs.


The Well of Memory - Somewhere in the Aldwood lies a deep spring of pure waters. Legend says that whoever drinks from this spring shall gain great insight and wisdom. The spring is said to be guarded by seven maiden knights who serve the god of the forest.

The Lair of the Green Worm - The great green dragon Nomentharis once terrorized the Skane March and the plains of Rhanalor from her forest lair in the Aldwood. She is said to have collected a great fortune in tribute before she was killed in a duel with the red dragon Thyaxis more than a century ago. No one has ever reported finding her lair.

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