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The Ages of the World
Lost Empires
The Tale of Years


The Tale of Years
(Updated 1 October, 2004)

c. -7500 - The Wrath of the Gods destroys Iridian and Numanthaur

c. -3700 - Tribes of primitive humans and goblins wage war on the plains of Ianthe.

c. -2000 - Calaan hegemony at its peak in Ahuran.

-1190 - Calaan capital of Meij destroyed.

-904 - Lodor establishes Ascar kingdom.

c -850 - Ahuran queen Zorah Swiftsilver institutes Madaari reforms relegating men to secondary roles in society and advocating Parmaadan.

c. -830 - Conn tribes establish city of Conorr.

c. -770 - Centaur and Minotaur tribes unite under single centaur queen in Brythnia.

-562 - Connor warriors first cross the Lyodan into Ianthe.

-354-351 - Eramius Gaianor and his army lay waste to Afaric in Ianthe.

-307 - Ascar kingdom encounters Conorrians near High Forest.

-298 - Connor warriors first cross Lyodan into Brythnia.

0 - Aumerides brings Phoenix to Conorr, establishes Conorrian Empire, assumes name Vasil I.

110 - Conorrians invade Ascar kingdom.

117 - Conorrian conquest of Ascar complete.

c. 250 - The first Alwari Brotherhood, called the Scarlet Dragon, is formed in Har’akir.

306 - The Orolindi elves arrive in Farmuz.

419 - Conorrian consul Procalimax defeats Har’akir fleet at Orod, and founds city of Muzir.

428 - Battle of Gamela. Procalimax and the IX Legion slain in Har’akir.

480 - Conorrians enter Corland and defeat the Vari.

501 - Conorrian conquest of Har’akir complete.

503 - Conorrians enter Aelissia.

606 - Conorrians land in Ahuran. Retreat the following year.

661 - Imelia, crown princess of Ahuran, marries Voltis, nephew of Hadrasius II.

812 - Conorrian troops push north of the Golden Sea and enter Harkoria.

820 - Beltene Empire begins to wage war on Conorrian Empire.

843 - Beltene general Burastis invades Corland.

847 - Burastis enters Milesian peninsula, starts Second Beltene War.

852 - Burastis lays siege to Conorr.

856 - Burastis defeated.

871 - Beltene driven back across Artaxes river.

872 - Beltene mysteriously disappear in one night.

896 - Aelissian halflings receive Conorrian citizenship for sterling service to the Empire during the Beltene wars.

932 - Conorrian navy defeats Ahuran fleet at Forentum.

943 - Conorrian attempt to land in Ahuran defeated.

992 - Skane raids on Vatheria begin.

1117 - Queen Nuar III of Ahuran lands a fleet in Luxur. Emperor Savril I cuts off retreat and forces Nuar into marriage.

1140 - Skane raids end.

1150 - Alia Magehand ascends throne of Ahuran

1218 - Shadowmaster of Marador invades Conorrian Empire. Wars of the Fisherman Emperors begin.

1219 - Llyran First Council arrives at Llyran islands after fleeing the ymandragore at Valis.

1242 - The shadows destroy Deriolanum in Brythnia.

1293 - The Shadowmaster is defeated. Wars of the Fisherman Emperors ended.

1330 - Conorrian Emperor Jurisdas moves his capital to the new city of Echoriath.

1383 - Ascension of the God-King Natun in Shanatar.

1385 - The god Aeolan arrives in Ianthe.

1421 - Aeolan’s children present themselves to the Emperor and claim lordship of Ianthe.

1455 - Stormpeak orcs invade Aelissia. Siege of Oldbarrow.

1456 - The Summoning War between Shanatar and Conorrian Empire begins.

1462 - The Summoning War ends.

1540 - First battle of Windhaven. Conorrians attack undead forces of the arch-lich Elianna the Accursed.

1547 - Gauros rises to prominence in Ascar city of Caer Thorne.

1588 - Ascar civil war. Gauros slain.

1680 - Conorrian legions enter Tirgonia. Empire at greatest extent.

1791 - Hadrasius XXI assassinated in Luxur. Mage Wars begin.

1801 - The battle of Blackstone.

1817 - The Mage Wars end. Markimillien founds the Miletian Empire in the west..

1902 - Kazimak horde invades Carhallan plain.

1936 - King Garold founds Haladhor.

2059 - King Perrian of Haladhor and the dragon Deadmoon kill each other. Haladhor descends into chaos.

2136 - Conorrian Emperor Cleon dies. Llyran Republic declares independence.

2187 - Miletian Emperor Arcasius II destroys the arch-lich Elianna the Accursed in Aelissia.

2231 - Shanatar invades Farmuz.

2237 - Vaul tribes arrive in Annvar.

2282 - Darothic hordes invade Miletian Empire.

2290 - Fall of Miletia. The last Miletian legion falls at the Battle of Dun Aerinn.

2304 - Har’akir revival. Return of the genies.

2320 - Thruggek rises to control the Vulture clan in Carhallas.

2326 - Vallordraumoth the Emerald conquers Brythnia.

2330 - Thruggek named Khan of the hobgoblin tribes.

2341 - Thruggek establishes his capitol at Carcharoth and founds the Carhallas Empire.

2354 - Battle of the Horns of Medeas. Shanatar relinquishes Farmuz to Conorria.

2389 - Gauros the Arisen dominates Ascarlon and drives out the Carhallas hobgoblins.

2392 - Dyrethis the Black King rules all of Daerond.

2394 - Llorcaumathar the Desert Worm seizes control of Farmuz.

2412 - First Neldorean War between Ianthe and Neldor elves.

2419 - The dragon Maxillentius takes up residence in the Ormswood in Tirgonia.

2428 - Harkorian League established.

2456 - Carhallan emperor Kahaldin leads army into Celendor.

2433 - Second Neldorean War.

2457 - Elves of Celendor defeat Kahaldin at Eld-en-Hathas.

2519 - Start of the Sixty Years’ War between Corland and Lorraine.

2525 - Daerond conquers Harkorian League. Orleos burns.

2531 - The dragon Maxillentius, ruler of most of Tirgonia, is slain by Arkemon. Tirgonian kingdom established.

2532 - Ianthan armies cross the Lyodan in an attempt to seize the Glittering Plain in Akasia (now the Crusader States). They are defeated by Consul Flavius Justininus at the Battle of Firefall.

2539 - First Bekanai invasion of Tirgonia. The invasion is halted by King Arkemon at the battle of the Eagle’s Eye.

2540 - Caradh and the Iron Wind seize the throne of Tirgonia. Arkemon and Caradh kill each other in Tirgon.

2560 - Second Bekanai invasion of Tirgonia. Occupation lasts for three years.

2572 - Crown Princess Jehaa of Ahuran returns from sea voyage to Changshai.

2580 - King Finndal of Lorraine is slain at the naval battle of Maivard. End of the Sixty Years’ War. Llorcaumathar the Desert Worm is slain in Farmuz.

2587 - Start of Valesian-Har’akir naval war.

2589 - Ianthe lays siege to Llyran fortress of Vorogod.

2590 - Skane longships begin to raid Tirgonian coasts.

2591 - Valesians conquer Har’akir port of Tangor. End of naval war.

2622 - Accolon fleet under Warlock Galdus invades Geshtai.

"The Iron Gates" campaign begins.

2632 - The dragon Graulor One-Eye takes up residence in the Ormswood in Tirgonia.

2633 - Corland invades Aelissia.

2641 - Dyrethis the Black King destroyed at Dwarfbridge in Tirgonia. King Varens of Tirgonia grants the Falos plains to the Bekanai. The kingdom of Bekanor is established.

"The Iron Gates" campaign ends.

2644-46 - Shuran Revolt in Ianthe.

2663 - Emiriel flower stolen from the court at Dalariadh. Quest of the Elven Knights begins.

2667 - The Skane loot and burn Tirgon.

2689 - Carhallan emperor Haggardin II concludes a treaty with the stone giants of the Worldspine mountains.

2690 - Vallordraumoth the Emerald, despotic dragon ruler of Brythnia, is slain.  A flying pyramid and lesser dragons are reputed to be involved.

2709 - The great fire of Cruachan in Tirgonia. 1200 killed.

2723 - Orcs of Talamakas and Worldspine mountains invade western Conorrian Empire. Carhallan hobgoblins under emperor Kragen invade the eastern Conorrian Empire.  Monsters rage through Tirgonian city of Alqualondë for one night.

2726 - Annvar attacks Pelendur, is defeated at the Harrow Pass.

2727 - Death of King Beolfred of Tirgonia. King Aramayne is crowned.

"The Cupbearers" campaign begins.

2728 - Fall of Echoriath. Emperor Philos is killed defending the city gates.  Orc king Nahald sits on the Phoenix Throne.  Keol is acclaimed Conorrian Emperor in Adamos.

2731 - The Cupbearers clear the Greenwood of Tirgonia of the evil spirit that haunts it. Beleg is made Baron of the Greenwood.

2740 - The Cupbearers destroy the evil temple of Drauluin near the city of Sirion in Tirgonia.

2743 - The Great Crusade Begins. Emperor Keol is killed in battle.  Varantius II Keloicrator, The Hammer of the Hobgoblins, is acclaimed as the Conorrian Emperor.

2744 - Tirgonian army under crown prince Aurelian, destroyed at the battle of the Lyodan. Aurelian is killed.

2745 - Crusaders from the Successor States drive the orcs from Akasia. Rhanalorian tribesmen under Tarl Wolfspaw invade Carhallas, forcing hobgoblin emperor Attalus to withdraw his armies from Conorria. Conorrian Emperor Varantius II retakes Echoriath.

"The Cupbearers" campaign ends.

2749 - Ianthans drive Worldspine Orcs into Neldorean Wood, re-establish Ianthan Kingdom.

2753 - Formians invade Corland.

2754 - Corland army defeated at Medregar. King Jorrev taken captive.

"The Black Dragons" campaign begins.

2755 - The Black Dukes lead the Daeron army into Tirgonia, conquering everything south of the Dun Aerinn river, except for the fortress-city of Cruachan. The building of the fortresses of Hellsmouth Keep and Calasoth are both begun.

2756 - King Wolkriyë of Bekanor assassinated. Bekanai tribes attack Tirgonia, cutting off Antiphian valley.

2760 - Ice trolls invade northern Tirgonia. The duke of Antiphia and many of his sons are slain at the battle of Cold Landing. The Black Dragons defeat a Bekanai army at Tigelion’s Crossings.

2763 - Tirgonians defeat Bekanai in three swift battles, annex Bekanor.

"The Black Dragons" campaign ends.

"The Lords of Men" campaign begins.

2766 - Princess Ariane, sole heir of king Aramayne of Tirgonia, is murdered by assassins in Sirion.

2768 - Corland army suffers further disaster at Darcassore. Queen Amallia slain.

"The Lords of Men" campaign ends.

2774 - Ianthans lay siege to Llyran fortress of Vorogod. Skirmishing on Valesian/Har’akir border.

2775 - Assassins fail to kill the Black Duke Bishop Morbanes. Start of Daeron civil war.

2777 - Tirgonians recover lost territories from Daerond.

The "Clash of Empires" campaign begins.

2783 - King Aramayne of Tirgonia dies of old age, leaves no heir. Duke Aelwyn of Munärch marries Queen Yisselda and declares himself king. Aramayne’s nephew, Prince Taurion, declares himself in opposition.

2784 - The Year of Frost, Fire and Shadow.  In the north, Hoarwinter's armies begin The Frostwar with their march into Tirgonia and Rhanalor.  Mordecai is burned; Tirgon is under siege.  In the south, the Shadows emerge after fifteen centuries of slumber and begin to spread out of Marador.  In the Conorrian Empire, the great meteor known as the Burning Star slams into the upper Phaedon valley, spreading fires and burning ash for a thousand miles.

The "Clash of Empires" campaign ends.

2785 - Tirgonia falls to Hoarwinter.  The rape of Alqualondë.  The cities of Tirgon, Sirion and Cruachan hold out under siege.

2789 - Tirgon falls to Hoarwinter's army.  The looting and rapine are terrible.  Sirion quickly surrenders.

2790 - The Rhanalorian tribes begin to migrate into Carhallas in vast numbers to escape the Empire of Frost.

2791 - Last of the free Tirgonian cities, Cruchan is betrayed from within.  Thousands of loyal defenders are slain.  In the Conorrian Empire, emperor Varantius II dies in his sleep at the age of 88.  His son Gravius succeeds him.

2793 - Filomen of Duncrannoch, last Tirgonian bishop, flees east with The Chalice of Kings, a Tirgonian relic.

2794 - The Alqualondë Free City rebellion causes the Archon Hortensius to flee the city.  The rebellion is crushed three months later by the arrival of Archon Null.

2798 - The conquest of Maekras by the Empire of Frost is complete.

2799 - Queen Maalan of Ahuran issues the Edict of Perfection, closing the nation's ports and expelling all foreigners.

The "An Age of Frost and Shadow Campaign begins.

2804 -

The "An Age of Frost and Shadow" Campaign ends.

The "Legacy of the Burning Star" Campaign begins.

2806 - Present Day



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