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The great empires lay shattered, worn out by millennia of inertia, bureaucracy and attack by younger, more vigorous peoples. Now the younger kingdoms of the world rise up to seize what they can from the ashes. But in the ashes of Empire, a few embers still burn that may yet set the world afire.

Kings, pirates, armies, monsters, brotherhoods of sorcery, sects of mystics, heroes and villains all vie for power in a world become savage, where the knowledge that once flowed like water now withers and is forgotten. The new kingdoms of man, elf and orc balance on the edge of chaos and war, ready to drag the last lights of civilization down with them if they fall.

Theeurth is a fictional world of great heroes, twisted villains, hidden lands and mysterious magics.  It has been the setting for fantasy role-playing games for twenty-five years.  Now the clock has moved forward and a new generation of heroes has taken the field, just in time.


09/26/10 - How times change.  In addition to the two online Pathfinder games, I'm also running a face-to-face game based on the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path.

07/12/10 - After a two-year hiatus, I'm back to gaming in Theeurth! Because of the difficulty in finding local players, I'm now running two Theeurth games online.

Both games are set in the year 2900, a century after the fall of Tirgonia. One is set in Tirgonia and places the outstanding
Red Hand of Doom adventure in Tirgonia's Estwilde Vale.

The other is set in the far south and follows the
Savage Tide Adventure Path that appeared in Dungeon Magazine issues 139-150.

Theeurth games now use the excellent Pathfinder rules by Paizo Publishing.


Lords of Theeurth
From 2005-2009, I ran a Lords of the Earth game called Lords of Theeurth.

What's Next?
It's been a long time since I updated anything here. I need to bring the history of Theeurth forward by almost 200 years and to update the Religion section which hasn't been current since the 3.0 ruleset.
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