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Conorrian Calendar


The Conorrian Calendar -

The Conorrian year is divided into thirteen lunars, or months.  Each Lunar is precisely twenty-eight days, or four weeks, long, following the waxing and waning of Selene.  A single day at the start of the year is known as High Day.  It is not part of any lunar and is a holiday for the Great Church.  High Day occurs in the middle of winter, not long after the Winter Solstice.

The Lunars -

Talar Winter
Elmindon Winter
Erdhonis Winter
Agaleon Spring
Strynod Spring
Maravis Spring
Cleon Summer
Daarlem Summer
Northhale Summer
Berlas Autumn
Branaeor Autumn
Lorendon Autumn
Wintertide Winter

Important Holidays:

Highday - 1st Day of the Year, holy to all the gods.

Talar 1 - The Day of the Dead, holy to Agaleus.

Cleon 14-16 - Eristemalia, holy to Eristemus

Daarlem 14 - The Summer Solstice - holy to Erdhon

Daarlem 15 - The Day of Atonement, holy to Agaleus

Northhale 11 - The Day of Remembrance, holy to Artorius

Northhale 28 - Embers of Northhale, holy to Mordhal

Strynod 15,16 & 17 - Vernarius, holy to Calandra

Berlas 14 - Lunarius, holy to Selene

Branaeor 14-21 - Harvesttide, holy to Calandra

Lorendon 1 - Feast of Omara, holy to Omara

Wintertide 14 - Feast of Apotheosis, holy to Fargalann

Wintertide 21 - Midwinter's Day, holy to Daria and Erdhon


Monthly Holidays:
The Embers - 28th of every lunar, minor holy day to Mordhal

The Full Moon - 14th of every lunar, minor holy day to Selene

Holidays with no set Date:

Aquas - End of the sailing season, Roldeinite ritual
Festival of Lamps - Start of the sailing season, Roldeinite ritual
The Proclomation - Prophecy given every four years - Borlamnite ritual
The Convocation - Gathering held every four years - Borlamnite ritual

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