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Although rare, there are still a great number of beings capable of harnessing the powers of magic.  Called wizards, mystics, sorcerers, priests, shaman, mages and many other names, these individuals shape the basic forces of the world to their own will.

In Lords of Theeurth, the focus is on great magics, the kind that can change the course of history and affect entire nations.  As such, it is usually colleges of wizards or whole priesthoods who create and direct such powerful sorceries, not individuals.  However, certain powerful individual leaders can also use magic on this scale.

Mechanics of Magic

Magic in Lords of Theeurth comes from three sources: Nations, individuals and artifacts.  Each is discussed in its own section, below.

Most magic is in the form of spells, great magical incantations that affect the flow of reality.  Spells belong to one of several different schools of magic, and each school must be studied separately.  Furthermore, each school is divided into six ranks or levels of spells.  First-rank spells are the easiest and Sixth-rank spells are the most difficult, powerful and dangerous to control. 

National Magic Ability

Each nation or player position has a Magic Ops rating, which is increased in a manner similar to Intel Operations.  Casting a spell requires the use of a Magic Ops point.  No nation or leader of a nation can cast a spell of a higher rank than the nation's Magic Ops.

Each nation also has Quality Ratings (QRs) for various schools of magic, much as it does for Infantry, Cavalry or Intelligence. These QRs also limit the maximum rank of spell of that school a nation can cast, and also determines the chance of successfully casting that spell.  

In addition, each nation has a rating for Magic Bonus, which works in a matter similar to Intel Bonus.  

For example, Daerond has a Magic Ops of 3, a QR of 3 in Necromancy, and a QR of 1 in Divination.  Daerond can cast up to three spells, which can include a first-rank Divination spell or a 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-rank Necromancy spell.  

Leader Magic Ability

In addition to the usual Leader ratings, all Leaders in Lords of Theeurth have a Sorcery rating.  For most, this is zero, and can never be improved.  A precious few, however, have magic in their blood.  These will begin play with a non-zero number, and are capable of sorcery.  

These Leaders can act as a point of Magic Ops or Magic Bonus via the Cast Magic Spell action.  Unless otherwise noted such Leader spellcasting is still limited to the spells available to the nation.

Artifact Magic Ability 

The world of Theeurth is old, and over the aeons, many magical items of great power have been created.  These relics of ancient days are known as "artifacts".  Each has a unique magical ability.  Some artifacts include knowledge of lost lore, magical spells not otherwise available. Other artifacts will themselves cast a spell when properly activated by the user.

DIFFICULTY: Higher-Level spells are more difficult to cast and more likely to go awry.  Cast at your own risk.

RANGE: There is no hard limit to the range of spells.  However, unless otherwise stated, it gets significantly more difficult beyond (Magic Range) number of regions (or sea zones) distant from a city or region you control at Non-Paying Tributary status or better.  Magic Range is equal to your Tech Level/2, rounding down.

The range of spells cast by Leaders or Artifacts is traced from the position of that Leader or Artifact, not from any controlled region or city.

REVERSAL: Spells that fail may do so spectacularly, reversing their intended results.  It is therefore dangerous to cast spells that are near the limit of one's power.  You have been warned.


Magic is divided into eight "Realms" or areas of magical expertise.  Each realm has its own unique spells.  Each is discussed on a separate page:




As noted above, some rare leaders are born with magical ability.   In addition to the usual abilities assigned to each leader (Leadership, Diplomacy, Charisma and Admin), each leader is assigned a fifth ability: Magic.  For most Leaders, this will be a 0.  Otherwise, this ability functions much as the others.

Leaders can cast (or assist) only ONE spell per turn.


Cast Magic Spell
Code: CMS
BAC: Varies
Stat: Magic
This action allows a leader with a non-zero Magic ability to act as a point of Magic Ops or Magic Bonus.  Any leader can only give this order once in a turn. 

Use Artifact
Code: UMA
BAC: 6
Stat: Magic
This action allows a leader to activate a magical artifact.  Note that most artifacts work automatically and do not need this action for activation.



Leaders who are wizards (or priests, shamans, etc.) can give an army needed support in ways not reflected by the Cast Magic Spell order.  The leader's Magic Ability is taken into consideration during combat. 


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