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The Deity
The Church




ARTORIUS, god of Strength and Valor

Artorius is the Great Warrior. He is the patron of soldiers, mercenaries, guardsmen and warriors.


Artorius is the god of the body, physical struggle and protection of the weak.  He is a popular deity, worshipped by most of the good mortal races, but especially beloved of the dwarves.  


Artorius is Neutral Good.  He represents both the order of armies and the chaos of battle.  He is revered both by organized soldiers and by individual warriors. 


There are as many images of Artorius as there are societies to understand him.  He is pictured as a shirtless blond Skane giant or an armored Conorrian general, as a dwarven shieldman or an elven blademaster.  However, in all of these representations, he is shown as a perfect specimen of the race depicted.

His symbol is a long-hafted double-bladed axe.  Among animals, he is represented by the lion.


Artorius promotes the struggle to perfect one's body and to use it in defense of the weak and the righteous.  He values personal bravery and development in his followers.  Any who die in battle for a cause are held in high esteem by Artorius, but not those who simply die seeking glory.  


The Valorguard - The once-mortal daughters of Artorius and mortal women from across Theeurth, these valorous women became their father's instruments on death.  They ride across Theeurth, invisible to the living, seeking out battles and acts of valor.  Those who die a valorous death are said to be brought before the throne of Artorius by one of the Valorguard, who speaks of the mortal's actions before the Final Judge.

Barathor, the Great Lion - Greatest of Artorius' servants is Barathor, father of lions, who sits at the foot of the god's throne.  When Artorius is particularly interested in mortal events, and cannot attend to them himself because of the Ban, it Barathor who travels to the mortal sphere in his master's stead.

THE CHURCH - The Halls of Artorius

Church Description

The Halls of Artorius, as his churches are called, are found in any place were soldiers, mercenaries, guardsmen or warriors congregate.  It is one of the most zealous of churches on the subject of opposing the evils of Malbor and the duty to protect the weak.

Church Structure

The Halls of Artorius are spread widely throughout mortal lands, but there is no central Artorian authority.  Rather, each city or region has its own local organization, and the heads of each of these organizations both cooperate and compete with each other on matters of dogma and authority.  However, each recognizes the others as legitimate and equal.  Various synods and councils held over the centuries keep the faith in various regions remarkably similar.

There are three main orders within the church: the priests, the Crusaders and the Weapons Masters.  Each is independent of the others, but cooperate closely at the local level.


Protect the Weak.  Strength is a gift.  Those who have more must honor the gods by using it to protect those who have less.  The faithful must constantly train their bodies to be ready when adversity comes.

Honor Your Brothers and Sisters. The Artorians believe that all the descendants of Shorral are equal, regardless of strength, size or station.  They therefore shun all signs of social elitism, rank or privilege.  This is, of course, an ideal.  Many Artorians fail to live up it.  

This belief occasionally puts the Artorian faithful in conflict with notions of aristocracy and kingship, but more commonly, the philosophy is taken to mean simply that those of superior social standing must be generous to those of inferior standing.

Honor Your Body.  The faithful avoid tattoos, piercings, or other permanent markings, as well as the ingestion of alcohol, tobacco, or other intoxicants.  This last is routinely ignored by soldiers of all rank and nation.

Holy Days

The 11th day of Northhale is the only day universally recognized by all Artorian churches as holy.  Known as The Day of Remembrance, it is a day to honor the fallen heroes from all wars.  In addition, each church commemorates local heroes and battles on the anniversary of their occurrence or death.

Preferred Weapon

Artorius' own weapon is a great two-headed battle axe.  However, his faithful only marginally prefer the battle-axe over other weapons.  Artorians use whichever weapon is available and appropriate to their place and culture.


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