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The Deity
The Church




CALANDRA, goddess of the Earth and Fertility

One of the original five gods, Calandra is the life-giving earth, who nurtures and supports all who dwell in mortal lands.  She is the wife of Roldein and the mother of Artorius and Borlamnos.  


Calandra is associated with the earth, with agriculture and fertility, and with the deep places of the earth.  She is worshipped by farmers, miners and women who wish to become pregnant.  Since nearly all mortals are engaged in the growing of food, she is by far the most widely revered of all the deities.  Likewise, nearly every mortal race has a unique view of the reasons for revering her natural bounty and beauty.

Any character who comes from a farming community will have been raised worshipping Calandra. 


Calandra is lawful good.  Her seasons come and go in regular cycles, and it is through orderly husbandry that her bounty comes most easily to the hands of mortals.


Calandra is represented differently among different races.  Humans most often represent her with a ripe sheaf of wheat, the dwarves with a snow-capped mountain, the gnomes with a glittering gem, the elves with a spreading tree, and the halflings with a full cornucopia.  She is often associated with burrowing animals, such as mice or rabbits.  


Calandra is a spirit of generosity.  She provides her bounty to all the world.  She is a strong voice for compassion and good, and occasionally sternly reminds the other gods of their duties.  She is harshly opposed to the unnatural, and her followers work tirelessly to destroy aberrations and the undead.


The Wanderer -  This old crone has many names, and many faces.  Some call her The Grandmother, others the Grey Witch.  To the elves she is Miarwë Tinelossë, the servant of the land.  To the dwarves she is Omorn, the earth sister.  The halflings know her as Mother Burrow.  By any name, she is the herald of Calandra, endlessly wandering the byways and backroads of Theeurth, offering kindness and wise words to those that will hear them.  It is part of her nature that few ever recognize her until she is gone.

Alaekmon -  Immortal king of the stone giants, Alaekmon is among the greatest mortal servants of the Earth Mother.  Powerful beyond measure, he is rarely seen in the lands of mortals.  He appears only when some affront to Calandra can no longer be born. 


Church Description

The faith of Calandra is very strong in the countryside, where farmers, shepherds, woodcutters and miners all gather to pray for fertile fields, healthy flocks and plentiful ore.  In a great many small villages, Calandra's temples are the only ones present, and in those which have a Great Church, Calandra is still the god most often appealed to directly.  

The faith is far less well represented in large towns and big cities, but Calandra is nonetheless frequently appealed to by women as the wellspring of life and matron of fertility. Many wealthy families pay well to have one of Calandra's clergy on hand during childbirth.  I

In the countryside, Calandra's temples are usually open-air affairs, or if possible, set against a natural stone formation or even in a cave.  In the cities, the temples are often adorned with rare or unusual stone and metals, while the services are held in a below-ground amphitheater within the temple.

The church concerns itself largely with the health of the land and of those who depend upon it for their lives and livelihoods.

Church Structure

The temples of Calandra are organized along regional or national lines, with no central structure.  The various High Prelates correspond on matters of faith, and so a fairly homogenous set of dogma is accepted at Calandran temples throughout Vatheria.

The Temples are divided into three orders.  The best known Calandran order is the Avasian Order, the clerics of Calandra seen in towns and villages across Vatheria.  Named for its founder, Saint Avasius, the priesthood of Calandra believe in the peaceful coexistence with nature, and its respectful use for the good of all people.  

Less well known, but almost as large as the Avasian Order are the druids.  Known by no one name, they nonetheless serve one hidden master known as the Great Druid.  Allied to the Avasians, but less concerned with mortal affairs, the druids revere both Calandra and Daria in equal measure.

Smallest of the orders of the Calandran faith are the holy warriors known as the Reapers.  This is an order in name only.  It has no structure, no officers and no firm ties to either the Avasians or the druids.  Each Reaper is a solitary force for good, associating with other Calandrans only as need and opportunity permit.


Avasians stress the giving nature of Calandra, and seek to promote that gentle philosophy among all peoples.  As the earth gives freely of its crops, its ores and its very stones, so should all those who live on or in it give to those in need.  Greed is considered a grievous flaw.  Thus, it is considered an obligation of the faithful to feed the hungry, to give shelter to travelers, and donate one-tenth of all that is grown on or mined in the earth.  Devout adventurers routinely distribute one-tenth of any wealth recovered in gems or coins to the poor, often by donating it to the nearest Calandran temple.

In addition, the Calandrans are unceasing foes of the monsters born of Malbor's hatred, for they are not part of nature, and are an affront to the goodness of the goddess.

Holy Days

Vernarius - This holiday honors the return of Spring and the start of the sowing season.  It is a celebration of fertility and the promise of the future.  In the countryside, it is usually marked by three days of feasting, contests and contracts for marriage. 

Harvestide - Greatest of the Calandran holidays, Harvestide is usually three days long, and like the Vernarius, includes contests and games.  There are usually competitions among local farmers for the  largest squash or fattest pig, as well as for best pies or beer.  In mining communities, this festival is a season of thanks for the bounties of ore and gems from within the earth.

 Preferred Weapon

The preferred weapons of the Calandran faith are the sickle, scythe or flail. 


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