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The Deity
The Church




Erdhon, god of the Sun

Erdhon is the brilliant god of the sun, who brings light and hope to the world.  He ascends the paths of the sky every day in his fiery golden ship and by night travels through the numberless caverns under Theeurth, bringing dismay and terror to the foul creatures who dwell therein.

Like his sister Selene, he is the product of the forced union between the now-dead goddess of fire, Shorral and the god of tyranny and hate, Malbor.  When imprisoned by Malbor, Erdhon was forced to dwell amongst his father's most vile creations, the undead.  Of all the gods, only Agaleus matches Erdhon's hatred for these abominations.


Erdhon is widely worshiped by both civilized and primitive peoples, and goes by hundreds of different names.  He is best loved by humans and halflings, for the elves love his sister Selene better, and the dwarves and gnomes see him only seldom (however, the dwarves revere him for his battles with the unclean things beneath the earth, and know him as Ulgarradin, the Cavern-Shaker).

Erdhon is the god most closely associated with the Conorrian empire.  His mortal son was Aumerides, who became the first Conorrian emperor, Vasil.  He was and is widely worshiped in the empire, and is still popular wherever that empire once held sway.


Erdhon is lawful good.


Erdhon is most often represented by a golden disk with many radiating rays of light.  On martial equipment, these rays are often replaced with spears.  In many older paintings or drawings, he is represented by a golden ship.  Among animals, Erdhon is most closely associated with the hawk, while among mystical creatures, he identified with the phoenix.


Erdhon was born of the rape of Shorral by Malbor, and his father intended him to be his lieutenant.  Though he was rescued by his foster-father Thandor as a result of the Second War of the Gods, Erdhon was hardened by his time with his own, evil father.  He is filled with the fires of his mother, but they burn with an intense desire to see Malbor overthrown, and all his works come to nothing.

His fiery passage through the sky is a constant reminder to the things of evil that the gods are watching, and that the day of reckoning shall come.


Erdhon has many servants that serve him, and is said to have fathered many mortal children.

Nantalima, the Golden Mariner - Once a great mortal mariner and follower of Roldein, god of the sea, Nantalima was chosen by Erdhon to pilot Edaverot, his burning golden ship.  Now immortal, Nantalima knows the paths of the sky and those of the deepest caverns better than anyone, man or god.

Urael, the Herald of the Dawn -  The celestial Urael is Erdhon's messenger.  He can be seen, a bright star in the winter sky just before the rising of the sun, and in the summer sky just after its setting. On the rare occasions that Erdhon sends a messenger to the mortal realms, it is often Urael, who appears as a beautiful mortal with shimmering bronze skin and two sets of snow-white wings.

THE CHURCH - The Chapterhouses of Erdhon

Church Description

The Temples of Erdhon are to be found in every city and in most large towns.  Smaller towns or villages are unlikely to have more than a shrine to the god, usually within the local Great Church.

The Temples themselves usually involve many windows, to let in the light of the holy sun.  More rural temples, or those found in dwarf-holds may simply have a single, high window to allow a shaft of sunlight onto the altar.  Those in large cities may well have elaborate stained-glass windows to adorn the light of the sun as it enters the temple.

Worshipers often sacrifice to Erdhon upon beginning some important project, since he is seen as the lord of beginnings, and of new possibilities.  

Church Structure

The Church has three distinct orders: The Kaladenes, the Ammanites, and the Templars.  The Kaladene order is the largest, and comprise the active priests of Erdhon.  All adventuring priests of Erdhon are from the Kaladene Order.  The Ammanites are commonly known as The Sleepless Ones.  They are a secretive monastic order who chant throughout the night all over Theeurth, believing that their prayers strengthen and encourage the god during his nightly forays into the dark underworld.  

The Templars are the holy warriors of Erdhon.  Once part of the Kaladene Order, they have been a separate order for nearly nine hundred years, though they are still close to their Kaladene brethren. 

Each order has a structured hierarchy based on regional divisions.  The Kaladene Order has chapterhouses in each major city or large town, which hold sway over smaller shrines or temples in the surrounding countryside.  Each chapter is presided over by a Secundus.  Large regions are ruled over by a high priest known as a Prime.  The whole church is presided over by the Pontifex, whose seat is the Great Spire in Echoriath.


Vigilance -  Be watchful.  Evil creeps in wherever the watchman sleeps.  And of all evil, the undead are the worst, always and everywhere to be opposed.

Prominence - Be seen to do good works by the people, the great and the small alike. As Erdhon mounts the sky to bring his light to all the corners of the world, so must you act as a beacon to the world.

Humility - Pride must be burned away, leaving only the pure fire of the spirit.  Just as Erdhon leaves the sky to his sister at night, and allows the world to see the stars, monuments to his mother, so must you know that your place is not always at the center of events.  Allow others to shine. 

Holy Days

The Winter Solstice - This the holiest night of the Erdhonite year.  It is on this night that that the god of the sun spends the longest time beneath the earth, and thus faces his greatest dangers.  All Erdhonites spend the day fasting, and the night in prayer.  Then, when the sun rises again, there is feasting to celebrate the victory of the god and the children are given small presents.

The Summer Solstice - A much more relaxed and social affair than the Winter Solstice, the day of the Summer Solstice is a time for picnics, races, fairs and weddings.  It is a traditional day for footraces, to emulate the swiftness of Erdhon's ship Edaverot.  The winner of the race is usually given a crown of laurel leaves.

Preferred Weapon

The preferred weapon of the Erdhonite orders is the spear. 


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