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The Deity
The Church




ERISTEMUS, god of Travelers and Merchants

Known as "The Wanderer" and "The Clever", Eristemus is the god most associated with wealth, happiness and enjoyment of life.  Son of wild Ilion and mighty Borlamnos, this god has a large and dedicated following.


Eristemus is the patron of wanderers, merchants, diplomats, rogues, liars, tricksters and thieves.  He is also the patron of trade, wealth, and happiness. Among animals, he is most associated with the fox, and is often represented in southern lands as actually having the ears and tail of a fox.   


Eristemus is chaotic good.


Eristemus is represented by a variety of symbols. South of the Valesian Sea, the most common is the head of a fox.  In the Conorrian heartland, his faith is most often represented with a golden coin with a laughing face.  In the Successor States and throughout the north, he is usually represented with a depiction of a road running out to the horizon. 


Eristemus believes that happiness and joy are the right of every mortal.  He seeks to increase laughter and good cheer of mortals, and believes that increased trade and diplomacy among them is the best way to accomplish this.   


 Neferis - Once the self-styled "Queen of Thieves", Neferis was a good-hearted Thariyyan bandit who once talked her way out of a lifetime in jail by charming the Empress Abraxia with her wit.  Now a member of the Celestial Host, Neferis is Eristemus' messenger.  She travels the byways and back roads of the world, leaving chaos and merriment in her wake.

Adalon - Eristemus' shining silver mount, the fastest horse of them all, tireless Adalon has been Eristemus' companion through a thousand adventures.  It is said that the swift mounts of Valesia are descended from his foals.

THE CHURCH - The Ways of Eristemus

Church Description

After the Great Church and the Temples of Calandra, the Ways of Eristemus are the most popular of churches.  Eristemus' joyful approach to life and his largely nonjudgmental doctrine make his worship popular across many cultures and social strata.  Each temple is known as a "Way" and is more of a place to discuss philosophy and tell stories than a place of dedicated worship.

Church Structure

The Ways of Eristemus have very little structure to them.  Each Way is presided over by a High Waymaster, who is usually served by a staff of Wayfarers.  The various Ways remain in close contact with their neighbors because of the constant wandering of the Wayfarers and the faithful of Eristemus.  No greater authority exists within the church than the local High Waymaster, though regional councils are held at infrequent intervals to discuss matters of pressing importance.


Freedom -  The followers of Eristemus place great value on personal freedom.  Not only do they abhor slavery, but they believe strongly in self-reliance and self-determination.

Diplomacy - Eristemus taught that violence was a last resort, save where the creatures of Malbor were concerned.  Diplomacy and trade are the ultimate expressions of one's gentler, higher nature.

Travel - It is important to travel, both physically and creatively.  A wide experience of the world tends to make one both wiser and better equipped to better oneself.  

Joy - Life is a gift of the gods, and should be enjoyed.  Wine, food, companions and laughter should all be brought to those in sorrow.

Holy Days

The Eristemalia is an important festival in all of Vatheria.  During this three-day celebration in the late summer, there are games and performances, as well as trade fairs and frequently, parades.  

Preferred Weapon

There is no one weapon most often used by the Wayfarers, though they are more likely than most to use some exotic weapon learned of in foreign lands.


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