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The Deity
The Church




FARGALANN, god of Strategy and Victory

Fargalann is the Great General.  He is the patron of generals, athletes, and strategists.


Fargalann is the son of Artorius, and is venerated by many of the same cultures.  However, because he was once human, most of his worshipers are human.  Still, his name is invoked by any in need of victory.


Fargalann is Lawful Good.


Fargalann is most often portrayed as a warrior in ancient bronze armor, complete with greaves and a stiffened linen skirt.  He is often portrayed as wearing or holding a crown of laurel leaves.  Despite his historically human origin, he is usually portrayed as a member of the race who portrays him.  

The symbol of Fargalann is the crown of laurel leaves. 


Fargalann is similar in many ways to Artorius, his father.  Both revere physical rigor and competition.  But where Artorius puts his faith in the strength of the body, Fargalann places his in planning and foresight.  Fargalann believes that all battles are won and lost before they are fought.

In his interaction with mortals, Fargalann values planning and leadership as well as bold action and the spirit of competition.  Those who plan and train and struggle towards victory earn his admiration, while those who would cheat or shirk their duty earn his scorn. 


 As the Marshall of the Celestial Host, Fargalann has an unlimited number of the mightiest warriors in existence at his beck and call.  However, he does have a few companions from his days as a mortal who serve him in death as they served him in life.  

Liaradann - In life this huge barbarian became prince Fargalann's shieldbrother, an Iridian position akin to both counselor and bodyguard.  He serves the god in these capacities still.  He has red hair and bears the ornate round shield still used in the far north.  He is a lover of songs and tales.

Deinareann - (pronounced dye-an-AHR-ee-an) This elf was Fargalann's cavalry commander and scout.  The name is Iridian, but only the elves know his true name.  A great horseman and cunning strategist, Deinareann first fought against Fargalann before joining forces with the human prince.  He now serves the god as his master of cavalry.  Elves who invoke Fargalann often also invoke Deinareann.

THE CHURCH - The Colleges of Fargalann

Church Description

The church of Fargalann is small, but highly organized.  The Colleges, as his temples are called, are found in the largest cities and metropolises.  Some important fortresses and defensive works may also have shrines to the Great General.  Most athletic venues, particularly in the civilized regions near the Valesian Sea, have a shrine to Fargalann Victorious where the athletes can pray before competition. 

Few seek out the advice of Fargalann and his priests, save when in dire need of victory.

Church Structure

Each College is led by a Knight Commander, a skilled and honored priest of the region.  Each Knight Commander is directly responsible to the Patriarch in  Echoriath. A body of Preceptors, the Patriarch's personal representatives, travel Theeurth, keeping the various Colleges in communication. 


The Colleges teach that since the mortal races were formed of the sparks of Shorral, each contains a tiny mote of divinity.  It is up to each person to strive to express that divine spark by seeking to the best they can at whatever they choose to do.  Personal excellence and competition are both strong values for the followers of Fargalann.  It is not victory over others which matters most, but victory over one's own limitations.

The Colleges also promote the twin virtues of planning and training.  A popular aphorism is "the wise runner has paced the course before the race."  Strategic thinking and leadership are valued above mere physical prowess, but valor and skill are also highly regarded.

Holy Days

The 14th of Wintertide is known as the Feast of the Apotheosis, and celebrates Fargalann's ascension to godhood upon his death.  It is marked with games and contests, as well by the sharing of the black loaves of bread known as The General's Portion.

Preferred Weapon

Fargalann's preferred weapons are the longsword and the lance.


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