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Valkrys, goddess of Wisdom and Renewal

Gentle Valkrys is the goddess of wisdom, healing, peace and mercy.  She is the patron of charity and redemption. She is the wife of Artorius and the mother of Agaleus, Omara and Mordhal.   Her sister is Ilion.


Revered equally by all the races, Valkrys is most loved by healers, the weak, the weary and those in need of forgiveness.


Valkrys is Lawful Good.


Valkrys is most often depicted as a beautiful woman in early middle age her long dark tresses billowing in the wind.  She is usually shown in white robes.  In symbols, she is depicted by a white rose, or a snow-white dove.


Valkrys is concerned with mourning, and she pities the suffering of others, especially the mortal races.  Her tears bring healing and new life.  Yet the purpose of Valkrys is not grief, but pity, hope and the endurance of the spirit.  She lifts up the downtrodden, and brings forgiveness and hope to all. 


Maladriel, the Angel of Mercy - This celestial being appears as a snow-winged young woman with a visage similar to that of Valkrys herself.  She walks invisibly across the world and soothes savage tempers and brings succor to the dying.  When a warrior grants a defeated foe his life, or when a dying person regains clarity just before death, they are said to be touched by Maladriel's hand.

Valoun ne Harhaz - Also known as Vallahar in the Conorrian lands, Valoun was the greatest mortal healer ever to live.  When she died (of a terrible fever) after healing thousands, she was taken into Heaven as a servant of Valkrys, and continues to inspire healers and the sick to this day.  It is to her that healers address their formal prayers before attempting any serious procedure. 


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